Author Q&A Laura Heffernan from The Reality Star Series

So today it’s great to have Laura Heffernan here, author of The Reality Star Series. First, though, the books!

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About America’s Next Reality Star (book 1)


Twenty-four-year-old Jen Reid had her life in good shape: an okay job, a tiny-cute Seattle apartment, and a great boyfriend almost ready to get serious. In a flash it all came apart. Single, unemployed, and holding an eviction notice, who has time to remember trying out for a reality show? Then the call comes, and Jen sees her chance to start over—by spending her summer on national TV.

Luckily The Fishbowl is all about puzzles and games, the kind of thing Jen would love even if she wasn’t desperate. The cast checks all the boxes: cheerful, quirky Birdie speaks in hashtags; vicious Ariana knows just how to pout for the cameras; and corn-fed “J-dawg” plays the cartoon villain of the house. Then there’s Justin, the green-eyed law student who always seems a breath away from kissing her. Is their attraction real, or a trick to get him closer to the $250,000 grand prize? Romance or showmance, suddenly Jen has a lot more to lose than a summer . . .

About Sweet Reality (book 2)

Jen Reid’s life after walking off a reality show has been great–she’s gone from being a broke twenty-four-year-old Seattleite with no love life and no job to the twenty-five-year-old who got the guy, moved to Miami, and is starting a bakery with her best friend. She thinks her showmance love might be about to propose. And with mouthwatering goodies based on everyone’s favorite shows, her business, Sweet Reality, is destined for success.

That is, until a killer competitor opens right across the street. If she’s going to save Sweet Reality, Jen has to come up with a secret ingredient–like the recipe that won Totally 80s Bake-Off. Jen can get it–if she steps back into the spotlight. Soon she and her boyfriend are out to sea on a cruise ship full of reality stars, including her nemesis, Ariana; her lying, cheating ex; and some wicked producers looking to bring the drama. Separate cabins, “surprises” from her past, and scenarios tailor-made to spark fights are just the beginning. But with her self-respect, her business, and her future on the line, the fallout from this made-for-TV plotline will be all too real . . .


About Reality Wedding

When Jen Reid escaped a reality TV cruise with her relationship intact—if not her hair—she swore she was done with the cameras for good. Sure, she and Justin met, had their first kiss, and got engaged with tape rolling, but manufactured drama and ruthless producers have shaken them up more times than she can count. With Jen’s reality-themed bakery just getting started and her brand-new lawyer fiancé in a pile of debt, they’re a long way from glitz and glamour, and that’s fine by Jen. Until the Network calls and tells her that unless she says “I do” to a wedding special, Justin will be out of a job.

Now Jen has two weeks to plan an all-expenses-paid “dream wedding”—and dodge the tricks and traps of a showrunner happy to mess up her future in the name of ratings. Luckily for Jen, she’s got plenty of experience with cake and popcorn. But when real-life drama and reality TV twists collide, the cliffhangers may just follow her right down the aisle . . .

Laura, welcome to the blog. Can you tell us a little bit about your books? Who do you think they would suit?

The Reality Star series follows Jen, a millennial who tries out for a reality show to help pay medical bills from an accident. She’s looking to win the cash prize, but is surprised when she finds herself falling for co-competitor Justin. The books should appeal to fans of Sophie Kinsella or Leah Marie Brown. And the reality show is the backdrop, so even people who don’t watch a lot of reality TV can still enjoy them.

Where did the idea for the books come from?

My best friend went on a reality show a few years ago, one that is fairly similar to the show Jen stars in on the show. It was fun to see all the background information and all the ins and outs of reality TV. My friend’s experience got me thinking about what kind of show I’d want to be on myself, and The Fishbowl was born.

Have you always wanted to write chick lit?

I’ve always wanted to write. Over the years, I’ve tried various genres based on what I was primarily reading at the time. But chick lit has always been my first love. It’s what I always go back to, and it’s the only type of book I’ve ever been interested in enough to finish one (or several).

Can you tell us what you’re up to next?

I’m currently in the middle of writing my next series, Gamer Girls. It follows three college roommates who love board games, each with their own book. In the first one, Gwen is determined to win the American Board Game Championship–and equally determined not to get played by last year’s champion, Cody. 

Lastly, If you had to  pick three favourite books what would you pick (they  don’t have to be chick lit by the by!!!)?

This question is so hard! The Shopaholic books will probably always be among my all-time favorites. The series has had some ups and downs, but those first three books were my introduction to chick lit. I go back and read them all the time. I also adore the Harry Potter series, which I like to count as one book. 🙂 And I will forever adore The Awakening by Kate Chopin. 

Thanks so much for coming over, Laura!

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#ChickLitMay Chatting With the Chicks Of Chick Lit


As part of #ChickLitMay, Heather and Sarah Greene were invited to go on a chat show! See how they got on below:)

Ha ha ha ha welcome, welcome everyone to Chatting With the Chicks of Chick Lit. I’m your host, Chuck Lottateeth, and I am so thrilled to be able to introduce you to some of the most fascinating characters in literature today. I’m talking about the leading ladies of Chick Lit—those enchanting, romantic, darling, sexy, sweet, funny, headstrong—and, let’s face it, sometimes downright frustrating—modern women who headline this fabulously fun genre. I’m sure you’re going to love getting the skinny on these “novel” heroines, and who knows? You might just find your new BFF on the pages of one of these books!

Without further ado, please put your hands together and show some love for today’s guests Heather and Sarah Greene, two Irish sisters who will have come to your attention if you’ve read ‘It Started With A Snub.’ They say they differ a little in personality but generally end up on the same page …

To start: If you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be?

Heather: First off, can I say thanks so much for flying us over? And first class! I’ve never gone first class before … oh, sorry you want me to answer the question! Well that’s an easy one, because Graham has always told me that I’m like the comfiest type of shoes that became scuffed. All you could do was put on a bit of shoe polish and soldier on even though you could probably purchase better ones. He said that while he was a bit drunk … I like to think it was meant as more of an endearing type of thing … you know, that he couldn’t part with me? Coughs. Okay. Runners. Hold on, you say trainers here, don’t you? Oh wait, Sarah’s trying to speak …

Sarah: I’m sorry to say Graham didn’t mean that but I’ll say the same. The reason I’m saying it, however, is because they’re dependable and tough and there whenever you need them. Trainers go on for years and take all the battering in the world but they keep on doing just what they’re supposed to. And that’s what Heather is like.

Heather: Aw, Sarah …

Sarah: (Makes a face.) It’s okay, Heather. No, really, please don’t. Now for me. Okay, so it would have to be gladiator sandals, because they’re kick-ass, strong, they stand out, and yet they’re flat so they’re functional fashion too.

Heather: Good answer!

Sarah: I know.

Heather: Gladiator sandals cut into you too. (Starts to laugh.)

Sarah: (Rolls eyes, smiling slightly.)


What are the three items you would absolutely need to have with you if you were shipwrecked on a desert island?

Heather: iPod, a book and sun cream

Sarah: Everyone always gets this one wrong. It’s easy. Water, food and a laptop.

Heather: A laptop?

Sarah: Well then I can contact people and get some work done as well.

Heather: And is the wifi going to be good on a desert island?

Sarah: (Mutters to herself.)

Heather: And you’d get burnt without your sun cream.

Sarah: Well then, that’s where you come in.

Heather: Me?

Sarah: You brought sun cream.

Heather: You said you had it all figured out.

Sarah: And I do. If you come along too. (Mutters again.) Oha nd make sure you bring a first aid kit with you too.


If you had only $15 to spend, what would be the perfect date? $50? $5,000?

Heather: Laughing: Five thousand dollars? Come on, who on earth would …

Sarah: Trip to Paris, for shopping. Followed by some form of an extreme sport, followed by dinner at a Michelin star restaurent …

Heather: Pizza and a DVD for the fifteen dollars

Sarah: That’s all she’d want to do for any of them … oh you’re moving on. Oh, yes, I forgot we only get eight minutes …


Your best friend is asked to describe you in five words. What would they be? Your nemesis is also asked to describe you in five words. What would they be?

Heather: Okay. Gonna be quick. Best friend … Well Ann’s told me this before. Funny, loyal, easy …

Sarah: (Splutters laughing) Easy

Heather: To be around, but I can’t say that or else I’m using more than my five words, amn’t I? What are your five, Miss Genius?

Sarah: Well how about we start with that?

Heather: Easy?

Sarah: I meant genius! Add strong, modelesque …

Heather: Modelesque? Geez, Sarah you’re not half … oh, okay he’s moved on again … but, but, as for the nemesis thing, Antoinette would say I’m too hyper, chatty and annoying. And nice. She told me that.

Sarah: Antoinette’s a bitch.

Heather: (Nods.) She calls you ice queen.

Sarah: Good.


If you could be the heroine in any chick flick, who would it be and why?

Heather: Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer. The music in that soundtrack …

Sarah: I’d be Sandra Bullock in The Proposal because she’s tough and strong and on top of it all. Heather, you should be Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality. I could just imagine them trying to work on you to get you into a presentable state (Starts to laugh)

Heather: Wow, Sarah, well done, how long did it take for you to think of that one? Oh, they’re running the ad break. I thought we might get a bit longer. Oh, who are you? You’re taking my chair? Okay, em, bye then.



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What they say : HEATHER GREEN is a fun loving, happy go lucky, twenty-six year old who has remained upright and beaming despite a few wobbles in life. She wears her heart on her sleeve and pins on her thoughts for good measure.

We meet Heather as she moves out of her family home to share with four guys, much to the dismay of her long suffering (by his own admission!) boyfriend Graham. We follow her housemates and watch their sometimes funny, sometimes-fraught relationships as they go about their daily lives.

Join Heather as she navigates the simple things in life, her inability to remember the code for the house alarm, odd driving habits, general musings on chick flicks, casualties in cooking, as well as her attempts to talk down the “mad farmer with the gun.” Experience comedy and drama as we get to know her family and housemates, and, as an unexpected event finally takes her down, learn what happens when the last people you expected to turn to are actually the ones you need the most.





Author Interview: Holly Tierney-Bedord, author of ‘Boots on The Ground’ and ‘Weekend Immune System’


So today I’ve an interview with Holly Tierney-Bedord, author of, among many others (take a look at them here) ‘Boots on the Ground,’ a wrestling romance novella that is up for review tomorrow (very much recommended by the way!). I have to say that I had planned for this whole interview to revolve around the unusual premise of the book, but then I picked up ‘Weekend Immune System,’ a choose your own ending book that I reviewed here, and I was so intrigued that my questions changed! Anyhoo, here we go!

So Holly, first off let me just say it’s great to have you here! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in Madison, Wisconsin with my husband Bill and our little dog Tyler (who happens to be celebrating his birthday today). When I’m not writing, I work for a group of local restaurants, handling their social media and marketing.

I just finished Weekend Immune system, and I have to say I loved it! Can you give us a little bit of background on it and what inspired you to write it?

I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was a kid, and thought it would be fun to read a book like that for adults. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much out there that interested me, so I decided to try writing my own book in that style.

I’d say the planning on it was immense and you probably had each scenario imprinted in your mind, did you have a favourite direction to go?

Weekend Immune System was a bit of a logistical nightmare. Writing it, linking it, editing it… It was all a lot tougher than I expected. Some books I write pretty quickly, but that one was in the works for a couple years. There were times I set it aside, having had enough for a while. And when I was finally done and was proofing it for the zillionth time, I’d find myself rereading certain parts over and over again, and probably completely missing other parts, even with the help of notes and charts I’d created that were meant to ensure I covered all of it. I had a few beta readers helping me out with it also, but even after all that I still find errors in it. It’s one of the more difficult writing projects I’ve taken on.

Have people told you what guided their choices?

Good question! Not exactly. The feedback I’ve gotten has either been really positive, with people jumping in and going after every ending, or the exact opposite, where people are confused and frustrated by the book, try maybe one path, and then say, “Well… That was different.”

You have a great range of books in terms of diversity, where do you get your ideas from?

I’m influenced by situations around me, tv shows I like, people who amuse or inspire me… I guess I have a wide range of interests, and I want to write about all of them!

Lastly, it’s chick lit May so I can’t let you leave without asking who your favourite chick lit author is?

Sophie Kinsella is the queen of chick lit. I adore her writing style and her great sense of humor. Her books are funny and clever, and they can be read really quickly, because they’re so polished.

Well, Holly, it was so lovely to have you here, thanks so much!

Thank you so much for having me, Bernadette! It’s been an honor!

Not at all, and of course we’ll be seeing more of Holly tomorrow with my review of ‘Boots On The Ground,’ a wrestling novella that is chock full of romance and comedy!

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