Dreaming of St Tropez by T A Williams #chicklitmay


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What they say: The perfect summer escape on the French Riviera. Sun, sea and secrets…

After a disagreement with a billionaire, architect Jess Milton is ‘let go’ from her job. However fortune intervenes – an elderly client asks Jess to dog-sit overweight, but loveable dog Brutus in St. Tropez.

Fed up with the mega-rich, Jess is reluctant to visit the playground of billionaires, but an all-expenses-paid trip and the promise of sunshine seals the deal.

Little does Jess know how much time she’ll be spending with the family living in St. Tropez. The sullen, but very good-looking David and his millionaire father are both welcoming but guarded, haunted by their pasts…

Can Jess bring some sunshine back into their lives – and, just maybe, find love in the process?

A heart-warming, funny and emotional journey for fans of Holly Martin, Tilly Tennant and Jenny Oliver.

The Review: I had a number of TA Williams’ books on my Kindle when I saw people raving about this and the guilt I felt was immense having sen how lovely the author is on social media in terms of sharing content, being supportive to other authors etc (we’re in the same chick lit group). As a result I went straight to Amazon to grab this, a gorgeous read set on the French Reviera (note: phew to my loving it as I’d never read his books before!!).

So this is the story of Jess, who we meet showing around a sexist brute who is a Russian aristocrat. Jess turns kick-ass on him and next thing we know, she’s without a job. I easily settled into the book and was thrilled when her and her friend Hope began to discuss how great it would be to get away somewhere like-say-St. Tropez. Instead they’re dog walking (in all fairness, not something I’d mind, and they don’t either, but, you know, I’ve gotta set the scene and all;)) and trying to figure out what to do. Enter Brutus, a lovable labrador (who supplies many moments of easy going comedy throughout the book) and his owner, who needs someone to help mind the dog. And guess where they need to go? You’ve guessed it! They’re heading to the sun soaked, picturesque St. Tropez!! (Yes,  there are moments such as this that are idyllic and make you cock your head to one side, but it really didn’t matter. )

With drama thrown in left right and centre, a who will she end up with that’s done very well, a moody, sullen, millionaire that has plenty of issues to deal with, and oh, yes, special mention for the bodyguard of the piece, I found this book to be beautiful, mesmirising actually in terms of its settings, and yet with an unputdownable quality to it that made me sure I’m going to start moving through T A Williams’ back catalogue quick smart. The perfect summer read that puts you in the most lovely holiday mood.

Rating: 5/5