Review policy

Review policy: Apologies, at the moment I’m not accepting any more review requests,however if you would like to do a guest post, an extract, author interview or cover reveal here at BRMaycock’s book blog, I’d be thrilled to post.

Please contact me by mail before you send on your book.

I review mostly romantic comedies, comedies or crime/ thriller that err on the lighter side. These are the books I normally read and so if you send Romance, Erotica, YA or horror, I feel I would not be able to do your book justice.  If you would like me to review your book, please read my review guidelines below.

I read on my Kindle in general, but will also take epub, pdf or paperbacks if required. I am in Ireland so bear in mind the cost of postage for a paperback could be prohibitive for you so you’re better keeping your money and sending on an e-copy!

Please send review requests to

  • In the subject line, please put your name, title of the book and “review request.”
  • Please include the following in the body of the email:  Book title, author, a brief summary and author bio, the publisher if applicable and release date and any links you want added to the post.

I am only one person and so if you want a review quickly please let me know and I will let you know if it’s possible.

I give honest reviews only!

If I find a huge issue with your book e.g an incorrect name or some other large discrepancy, I will stop the book and contact you, to see how we should proceed.

I look forward to hearing from you:)

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