SummerSolsticeReadalong #summersolsticereadalong Just Friends by Lucy Keeling @Lucy_K_Author

I am so excited to be reading as part of this, an event set up by the brilliant Emma Jackson (check out Summer In The City review here ) where all over social media readers, bloggers an authors will be popping up to share pics or even vids of them reading a #Summerread. And the great thing is, you’re included too!





So the book I chose was Just Friends by the brilliant Lucy Keeling!!


Friends do nice things for each other, right? 
That’s what Polly Bowman tells herself when she agrees to be her friend Bailey’s ‘fake girlfriend’ to help him keep a promise to his family. After all, Bailey has always supported her through difficult times – he even knows about her secret singing sessions at the local speakeasy bar.
But maintaining a fake relationship isn’t easy, and when Polly’s meddling but well-meaning group of friends throw her and Bailey together as best man and maid-of-honour for an upcoming wedding, Polly soon realises she’s going to have to confront a few long-kept secrets head on …

Buy it here!!

K, so am running off to get reading, will catch up with you over the day. Make sure to tag me @brmaycock and use the hashtag so you can catch up on other people’s #Summerreads!!


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