The Haunting of Hattie Hastings Part 1 by Audrey Davis



Length: 90 pages

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What they say: A ghostly and witty romantic comedy
Some people just won’t take death lying down … (NB: cliffhanger ending)

Hattie Hastings is happily married, even if husband Gary drives her up the wall at times. When tragedy strikes, she is left alone and heartbroken, with only an assortment of family and friends to prop her up.
Struggling to cope, she is left reeling when her deceased other half returns, popping up at the most inappropriate times.
Hattie can’t convince anyone that Gary is back. Not even best friend Cat – now free from the cruel and controlling Stewart – will believe her.
Why has Gary returned? And what will Cat do when her slimy ex-husband tries to worm his way back into her affections?
The Haunting of Hattie Hastings will make you laugh, cry and count down until Part Two …

The Review:

This is the story of Hattie Hasting, who is living in a not always perfect but always full of love marriage with the larger than life character of husband Gary until “Almost twenty-one-years of marriage destroyed by a lunatic driver who’d mounted the pavement, smashed into Gary as he positioned the bin just outside their gate, then disappeared into the night. His injuries were so severe, he never regained consciousness.”

When Gary begins to appear to Hattie, slightly translucent but still the same Gary, you see that this is not your average ghost story. For one thing ghosts can’t usually drink whiskey!  This book is full of comedy (there’s amazing one-liners that are credited to a comedian at the end that I have to go look up!) but it’s interspersed nicely with the other worldly as we hear Gary try to make sense of death with Hattie. The romance with the two of them, in all their normality, was spellbinding, and it made it all the more heartbreaking that they couldn’t return to it. In fact it is the everydayness of this that blows your mind-the continuing on from day to day even though Hattie’s soul mate isn’t there and wondering when he is, well, what happens next? How can this work?

The characters were excellent. I loved Cat, Hattie’s best friend, too and was thrilled with the cliffhanger, it was absolute perfection! All in all a romantic, heartbreaking, gorgeous, hilarious (HILARIOUS) book that would remind me of something like Robert Brenda’s Coco series, fun and funny and a little over the top but not crossing lines into crass or something you’d cringe at. A series I will rate and adore for a long long time to come. Thanks so much to Rachel’s Random Resources for the book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5



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