All for her (book 1 of the Wild Irish Lust Series) by Penny Best @pennybestwriter #BookReview

And now as they say, something a little different!! A very happy publication day to the brilliant Penny Best, author of The Irish Wild Lust Series which is all out today! I’m delighted to have the review for book 1 of this series, All For Her
book 1

What they say: ALL FOR HER – the sizzling first novella of the racy Wild Irish Lust Series

Enchantress Minnie Hatton, 22 has her eyes on the forbidden rugged Tandy twins. Set in 1930s Ireland, Minnie longs to marry secure, stable Edward while keeping Ernest, his reckless identical twin as her lover.
Standing in her way – her controlling mother and a DARK past that left her traumatised and mute.
Finding other ways to communicate her needs and desires, the Tandy twins are left in no doubt that Minnie means business. Wanting to share her bed, tensions run high on the Tandy farm between the handsome brothers who vie for Minnies attention. All the while an old family SECRET is revealed which could cause their special three way relationship to come crashing down.
Will Minnie have to choose between her rugged farming men? Or can naughty Minnie have the best of both worlds – all the lust she can handle and all of the true love that she deserves?

The Review: 

So this is my first romance with frequent sizzling sex on this blog, and one I’ll be remembering for a long time!

This is the story of the lovely Minnie, who has not spoken since the death of her father. We meet her at a market, where Edward, a kind farmer, is helping her after a fall. Minnie is a wonderfully drawn character, who from the start is mesmirising.

Edward is one of a set of twins who keep themselves to themselves and are gossiped about by the locals. Minnie begins to help Edward out on the farm, cleaning and such (the homemaker in me loved the difference she made to the house!) Of course this means at the start it’s pretty much the two of them and things begin to progress …

I loved this book so much!! Minnie’s heart breaking past, whose tragedy made me gasp out loud, Edward, probably one of my favourite male leads OF ALL TIME(!) who I regularly wanted to hug ( I’m possibly not fully the target genre for this;)) the romance that had me rooting for them and the drama that was stopping them being together. The love making was so romantic, the sex, hot, the settings so vivid and tangeable, the story-telling captivating and all encompassing. Thanks so much to the author for the book in return for an honest review.

Beyond recommended and rating:5/5

About the author

Penny Best is the pen-name and persona for an explicit romance writer who has thrown caution to the wind. This fictional persona writes hot steamy quickie reads and has a degree in tantric sex therapy.

Having spent her early twenties working in high-end gentleman’s clubs in London, Penny has now found her own inner goddess and runs naturalist yoga retreats for celebrities in exotic locations across the globe. As a competent sailor, Penny takes time out of her hectic writing and business schedule to battle the wilds of the Atlantic around her coastal based refurbished castle in the north-west of Ireland.

Penny is at her happiest when walking her trusty sheep dog. She also succumbs to the local gin, the odd hot whiskey and has fallen passionately in lust with her own rugged, Irish scuba diver. Penny’s dream is to meet Oprah Winfrey, Pierce Brosnan and Nora Roberts and to write for the rest of her days.
Find her on Twitter: @pennybestwriter



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