#Stackingtheshelves #bookhaul 1st May 2021

Stacking the Shelves is hosted at Tynga’s Reviews & Reading Reality. It is basically where you show how you’ve upped your book stash (ebooks,audio or paperback) through any means- buying, library or downloading, and was reminded of it by the Secret library Book Blog so the fantastic Nicki.

I have been filling up the kindle recently, wedged between the number of 99p deals out and my solid, I will not break but keep breaking, book buying ban. It’s simultaneously killing me and making me happy. It also seems I’m very much geared towards rom com and chick lit at the mo, I haven’t bought many thriller or paranormal witch cozies (really, no? Get onto it, you’ll thank me later!!). Anyhoo here we go, thanks to Tynga for coming up with this as and Nicki from the secret library book blog. Oh and firstly I may have gotten them over the last few weeks not just one and secondly excuse my formatting- I am at present in a toddler bed with a sick 6 year old (who’s asleep!). That and i’m rubbish at formatting! But I digress …

  1. Meet me at the treehouse by Kelly Tink- everyone I know who read this seemed breathless over its beauty, so can’t wait to check it out
Meet me in the Treehouse by Kelly Tink

2. Summer Nights And Pillow fights by Beth Rain- as an author I’m always in awe of people who put out regular, top quality content, and I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about the lovely Beth Rain.

2. Summer Nights and Pillow fights by Beth Rain

3. The single Mum’s Book Club by Victoria Cooke. Mom lit, a book club AND it’s Victoria Cooke?! An easy one!!

The single Mum’s Book Club by Victoria Cooke

4. Lisa Swift’s When You Were Mine- chomping at the bit for this. This was free so will be extra sure to get a review up and also buy another of her books if I love it. (Gazes at spellbinding cover)

When You Were Mine by Lisa Swift

5. Bettina Hunt High Heels on the Beach- am actually nearly finished this. Job gone, boyfriend gone and asked home to run a b&b by the sea. Score!!

High Heels on the beach by Bettina Hunt

6. Straight from the Hart by Tracie Banister- an author I would buy anything of. Been waiting for this one excitedly!!

Straight from the hart by Tracie Banister

7. I Let You Go by Clare mackintosh- Question on a book club forum recently: what book can’t you wait to go down in price. Me (embarrassed): this one. Cue people jumping about saying ‘but it’s 99p!’ I. Cannot. Wait!!!

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

8. Thirteen guests. One killer. No escape. (I first read it as 13 killers, 1 guest, no escape- I’m glad it wasn’t this, even Stephen King wouldn’t write that book!)

The invitation by A M Castle

9. Liz Davies The Ticklemore Tattler- another author I jump for without even checking. Love love love!!

The Ticklmore Tattler by Liz Davies

Well, there you go! If anyone wants to let me know about books they’ve gotten that they’re excited about recently, go for it! And big waves and hugs, it’s lovely to be back!


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