A trip with no book to be seen …

So here’s what happened. On the way to Dublin to take part in the Mini Marathon I suddenly realized I had no book … dum, dum duuuummmm;) When I say no book, I mean no paperback and no Kindle. Not good. So I decided to write down everything I did to pass the time I would have spent tucked into a good bit of fiction.

As you know, if you’re reading a good book, the time will fly and all too soon you’ll be severely panicking that you’re nearly at your destination and haven’t got to the climax yet. A bad book and you’re continuously finding distractions – ooh what’s that ???Oh, nothing exciting then

And so here’s what I did. Checked bag. Checked bag at ten minute intervals in case the black border of my kindle had melded into my black rucksack. Thought about how I was supposed to be reporting to you on how amazing Fiona Gibson’s As Good As It Gets is and possibly how good The Photographers Wife by Nick Alexander is (though have to see, if it gets heavier I’d be pushing against the brief I’ve outlined for myself and in the blog – ‘the lighter side of a heavy tbr list’). That led me to: I wonder if I’ve set myself a brief that could be a little bit too restrictive. I wonder if I can change the brief. I wonder if posting non reviews is wrong. Conclusion: Decide to loosen my brief.

Next: Thought wow, how many cows can they fit in one field (large field but geney Mac!) Laughed when someone said ‘Oh my god the amount of cows!’ out loud.;) Started to apply make up. Stopped applying make up when a quite overly made up lady near to me gave me a thumbs up (although I gave her a thumbs up back, what a nice lady!) Tried to look away when we stopped next to two cows having sex. Missed the kids when people boarded the bus with children in tow but then smiled, just a little, at the fact that I could type this without having to placate my little men. Opened magazine. Looked at pretty dresses, gnashed at how ALL the ones I coveted were not available in Pennys (Primark) and were all over a thousand euro. Wondered who pays over a thousand euro for a dress then laughed over the fact that I don’t even wear dresses. Realised everyone on the bus had an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy (was Joan Burton right?!)

Bopped to Common People (Pulp), then to Rachel Stevens. Thought of how Rachel Steven’s album must be the most underrated pop album out there and considered ways for me to promote it. Thought about Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson and mourned them. Wished I had the relevant musical knowledge ( as opposed to all the clichéd popular songs I listen to) of fellow IWIer Aedin Collins, who was bang on in terms of music for her story in the Little Book Of Love Anthology we contributed to. Grimaced as I considered how substandard my story was for said anthology (had just had baby and shouldn’t have contributed). Thought of some of the stories in that anthology that took my breath away, they were so beautifully written. Turned down music when someone started to sing along.

Wondered how kids were doing. Wondered what’s going to happen in book(s) I’m reading- As Good As It Gets and The Photographers wife (have since finished As Good As It Gets- will post presently: SPOILER: READ THE BOOK;)). Wondered if there was something wrong with me that I’d rather The Photographer’s Wife just stayed describing the events of the war as opposed to jumping into modern times.

Wondered if anyone out there is reading It Started With a Snub right now. Wondered if there is anyone who thinks Graham was misrepresented.

Took note of good locations for writing – a beautiful scenic pub, a rickety, overgrown ruin of a church that somehow still managed to look so pretty. Watched a couple hugging goodbye for dear life before he ascended the bus steps. Remembered time I dropped Keith to airport and other girlfriend looked at me when I laughed as she asked me was I crying INSIDE that I wouldn’t see him for three days.

Coveted all YSL products in the magazine I was reading. Wondered if anyone with kids can ever justify YSL. Decided, sadly, no. No they can’t.

Wrote this post.

Missed my kindle. Checked again, just in case.

Smiled at the amazing scenery, golden fields, blue sky, green willowy trees and marvel at how much I love Ireland. Smiled at the graduation taking place in Maynooth college. Thought about my time there. Wondered how kids and Keith were. Thought about family, mum, brothers and sister. Wished my dad was still alive.

Looked forward to seeing all the friends I’d see over the weekend and hoped I’d get to see them all. Missed the friends I won’t see in advance. Listened to Cher Lloyd’s Superhero, thought about how I might be too old to do that (35 not old but perhaps too old to be listening to a Cher that isn’t the original and best …) Sang along to If I Could Turn Back Time in my head.  

Watched an empty wedding car go by and wondered about past, present and future occupants, and possible (other) reasons it was empty at that time! Listened to Michael Jackson Liberian girl, chuckled at changing name to librarian girl;)

Of course, had obligatory ‘what if I won the lotto?’ thoughts!

Considered martial arts classes, considered whether kids need to join martial arts classes. Wished I had Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Buffy talents and training.

Finally jumped as I saw the Ha’penny Bridge. Conclusion : Quite a productive trip;)


3 thoughts on “A trip with no book to be seen …

  1. You put me to shame. Your thought processes show a high degree of logical progression. Do you know anywhere I can get me some of that? I tried Penneys, but apparently it’s not in my price range.


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