Paperback Summer with Sophie from reviewed the book

paperback summer

So, I recently signed up for Paperback Summer with Sophie (see – great site!) where you set a target for yourself and try to read that number of paperbacks. This is great because we all get a little stuck into our e-readers and forget the pull of something a bit more tangible! Plus we’ve all got a stack at home, don’t we, that we got out from the library or bought because something about them grabbed us … it’s just then the e-reader distracted us, just a little. ‘I’m so easy to read!’ it said. ‘I fit right into your handbag, or your luggage.’ And so we forgot the pretty cover that screamed at us, or the feel of the paper between out thumbs as we flicked forward or back. So thanks to Sophie, we can get back to these (while not neglecting our e-readers of course, they have a certain quality to them too!) My goal is to read 20 paperbacks over the three months, that’s just over 6 a month, not too taxing as firstly my Kindle is all loaded up, and secondly, there are some gems out there just not available in paperback! Feel free to drop by and let me know what you’re reading, and if you’re going to take  on any sort of a reading challenge yourself. I’ll keep you posted on how I’m getting on. Hope you’re having a great day whatever you’re up to 🙂


2 thoughts on “Paperback Summer with Sophie from reviewed the book

  1. I have paperbacks and hardbound books that I may possibly never get to, though I love a physical book, because my e-reader is soooo easy to pick up and go and is loaded with more books than anyone could read in a lifetime. I still love those physical books, but they take up more room than I have. I really need to read them and then pass them on. LOL, what I really need is longer days, and someone to take care of everything else while I’m reading.


  2. It is so easy, isn’t it? I said I’d never quote ‘get sucked into the Kindle thing, there’s nothing like a paperback’ but then there’s nothing like sneaking a NUMBER of books in a bag, all ready to open, with no chance of there not being enough space around you to read! That being said, the cover, the feel of a paperback when you DO have the space really grabs me!And I’m envious of people’s collections, though I do just hand mine over to charity when I’m done. Oh and if you get someone to do your stuff, could you possibly pass them over to me afterwards? I’d be eternally grateful;)


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