Snowflakes at Lavender Bay by Sarah Bennett


Length: 241 pages

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What they say:

The most wonderful time of the year…

Libby Stone has lived in Lavender Bay all her life. She loves the little seaside town and has big dreams to turn her father’s greasy old chippy into a dainty teashop – not that she’s told him yet!

Finding love isn’t easy amongst the cluster of coastal houses, but it’s not every day that someone quite as handsome and mysterious as Owen Coburn walks into the local pub.

And as the snowflakes begin to swirl on the promenade, Libby realises she’s falling for him. But Owen has been keeping a secret that could destroy everything

Perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley, Rachael Lucas and Hilary Boyd.

The Review: So I’ll start by saying it is an absolute crime that I have not one, not two, but three books on my Kindle and I would probably not have got to them had I not been so inspired by the author herself on hearing her speak in connection with the Indulge In Writing Facebook group (led by the epic Sharon Thompson). It  was excellent to finally hear sure sage writing and business advice from an author in the genre I adore so much (you’ll find in the writing world most talks are by literary or crime writers, very very few romance, and if they are the chances of them being commercial are zero to none). So I did what I always do, went to my Kindle and found the three books and THEN saw a tweet and a review on twitter and so went to Netgalley to collect a forth! And so I came to this gem.

I’ll admit at Christmas time (yes I am aware I keep moving off the point, sorry, okay?!) I ignore the rules of a series (get thee back to book 1) and head straight for the Christmas read. As with the last book I reviewed, that is not a problem here. Although I hadn’t visited the lovely Lavender Bay before I quickly settled into the quaint surroundings and the inhabitants Libby, the star of this show, and Eliza and Beth (they each seem to have a book about them so I’ll be heading back to meet them in the New year). We also meet Owen, who is only a visitor and quite embittered by this fact. He knows he has family connections with the area and having never felt he belonged anywhere, is desperate to make some sort of a connection or link. Owen is everything you need in a romance character, while he has his issues and has decided the wall he’s built is fine-thank you very much- he’s also got a lovely side to him, he doesn’t want to be the cliched wealthy business man, he likes to get his hands dirty and help people out, and be there for people, even though he doesn’t know he is being there for them. Libby and Owen out together so, was a force to be reckoned with, with so many ‘yes!’ smily moments, and aw moments. I get fed up of the term unputdownable, but here, it’s a given, with a story line that holds them together yet pits them against each other, you are constantly thinking ‘but hold on he doesn’t know,’ or ‘how is she going to find out?’ There’s spanners in the works all over the place, with business issues flying to the forefront and people you’re trying to figure out,a s well as the biggest mystery, how is Owen connected to Lavender bay? As I said I devoured this book, yet hung onto every lovely description, every beautiful romantic gesture, every realisation of what lovely people lived in this beautiful place. Beyond enjoyable. Thanks to HQ Digital and Netgalley for the book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5



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